White Papers

The following white papers discuss the basic considerations given when selecting and using an electro-optical tracking system.

EO_Tracking_System_Considerations_I.pdf — This tutorial paper discusses the performance requirements and design parameters for Electro-Optical Tracking Systems. Descriptions of tracking systems for range instrumentation are discussed. The relationships between the performance requirements, target characteristics and the system optical sensors, tracking algorithms, pedestal dynamics, servo control loops, and ancillary equipment are examined. The design considerations related to the operator interfaces are also discussed.

EO_Tracking_System_Considerations_II.pdf — This paper is a tutorial on factors affecting the detectability and tracking of targets using visible and IR sensor systems. Topics to be addressed are the effects associated with atmospheric attenuation, sensor system parameters, and target characteristics including reflectivity, size and range. Also considered are servo and optical system characteristics and their effects on tracking system performance. This paper complements a paper presented at Acquisition, Tracking and Pointing III, which addressed the performance and design parameters for electro-optical tracking systems.

MATS_White_Paper.pdf — This paper discusses the Mobile Automatic Tracking System (MATS), a man-portable, precision, real-time Tracking system derived from E-O Imaging's extensive video tracking experience. The MATS is a cost-effective tool in providing photo-instrumentation support for weapons system testing and evaluation, and surveillance applications. The system's slave and designate modes also allow the MATS to be used as an adjunct to radars and other E-O instrumentation systems. The MATS is configurable as a standalone Time Space Position Information (TSPI) Site, providing both manual and automatic operation. The MATS provides a new level of flexibility and capability in supporting the increasing demands of the Test and Evaluation community for a cost-effective, reliable solution to E-O instrumentation requirements.

Pedestal_Performance_Checklist.pdf — A list of the basic parameters required to configure an E-O tracking system.

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