Model 6001

Advanced Multi-Mode Video Tracker (MMVT)

The Model 6001 VMEbus Video Tracker provides the user with a flexible architecture, which allows the MMVT to adapt to a broad range of target and tracking requirements.

The MMVT design incorporates a multiple DSP and FPGA implementation allowing concurrent operation of algorithms in real-time. The system is structured with an open architecture allowing easy incorporation of additional tracking gates and specialized features.

Standard Features:

  • Algorithm Processing
    • Selectable Edge (Left/Right/Top/Bottom)
    • Mass and Intensity Centroid
    • Intrusion Detection, Coast and Target Recovery
  • Control Interfaces
    • VMEbus Slave Interface
    • RS-232/422 Serial Communication Ports (2)
  • Video Interfaces
    • Analog Video Inputs (3)
    • Analog Video Outputs (2)
    • LVDS Digital Video Input (12-bits)
  • Analog Track Error Outputs (2)
  • Digital Error Output and Status
  • Advanced Motion Compensation Filter
  • User Text Annotation and Graphics




Weapon System Director

Real-Time Missile and Aircraft Tracking

Simulator Systems

Laser System Alignment

ECM Evaluation

Spatial Measurement of Objects


Target Signature Analysis

Bomb and Weapons Scoring

Weapon System Evaluation

Re-entry Vehicle and Satellite Tracking

Automated Calibration of Tracking Systems

Trajectory Analysis

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