Model 701

Tracking System Controller

The Model 701 Controller uses a serial communications link to provide control of E-O Imaging's 6000 Series Video Trackers. The Controller can be used independently or in conjunction with the Tracker's Graphical User Interface (GUI). The unit allows the user direct access to specific functions of the video tracker for real-time operations.

The Model 701 Controller provides the user multiple serial communication ports for controlling or accepting information from external devices. Each of the serial ports can be individually configured for RS232, RS422 or RS485 communications. Also, the standard lens and tracker functions of the unit can be modified to handle camera and pedestal functions.

Standard Features:

  • Joystick Control of Positioner
  • Lens Control
    • Zoom/FOV and Focus
  • Status Indicators
    • On Target
    • Track / Acquire
    • Controller Activity
  • Video Tracker Control
    • Gate Size
    • Track Mode
    • Threshold
    • Auto/Manual Gate Position
  • Single Cable to 6000 Series Video Tracker
    • Provides Serial Communications and Power
    • Optional Local Power for Long Runs
  • Rear Panel Connector
    • Provides Interface to Switches, Pots, and Joystick for Custom Applications
  • Available as an Integrated Component of MATS

Expanded versions of the Model 701 Controller and custom designs are available;
consult the factory for available features, price and delivery.



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