E-O Imaging is a small high-tech company specializing in the design, development and manufacture of hardware and systems for military, surveillance and test range applications. Our senior design staff has over 80 years of combined experience in embedded DSP hardware and software design, implementation of complex FPGA designs and system engineering.

E-O Imaging provides its customers a broad array of capabilities:

· Embedded DSP Hardware and Software Development
· Custom FPGA Design
· Custom Image Processing Hardware and Algorithms
· Windows, UNIX and Linux Software Development
· System Engineering
· Custom Video Tracker Products and Systems
· Hardware and Software Engineering Services
· Mechanical Design and Packaging
· Servo Control Systems

Depot Level Repair and Retrofit

E-O Imaging provides depot level repair and retrofit for the following legacy DBA Systems and Titan video tracker products:

· Model 606-3, 606-3A Edge/Centroid Video Tracker
· Model 606-3 M/C, 606-3 M/R Edge/Centroid Tracker
· Model 606-4 M/C, 606-4 M/R Edge/Centroid Tracker
· Model 607-4 M/R, 607-4 M/R Edge/Centroid/Correlation Tracker
· All 6000 Series Trackers

Equipment Lease

For customers with short term needs and/or limited budgets, E-O Imaging can make available video trackers and/or tracking systems. Consult us for details and availability.


Refurbished Equipment

E-O Imaging has available a number of reconditioned video trackers and board sets. Contact us for available models and pricing.


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