Model 902

Environmentally Ruggedized Camera/Lens System

E-O Imaging's Model 902 camera/lens system is a ruggedized visible zoom optics package designed for high performance tracking applications. The lens is selected and tested for low boresight shift over the entire zoom range. The camera and its lens are precision aligned and tested at the E-O Imaging factory, then fitted into an enclosure. The enclosure is sealed and pressurized with dry nitrogen to keep out moisture, pollution, chemicals, salt, and grime. Our enclosures are ruggedized to operate during the shock and vibration experienced with high performance tracking systems and during transport over unimproved roads.




30 inches (34 inches with sun shield installed)



9 inches


Total Weight:

50 pounds (with mounting plate and boresight fixture installed)



Two (2) 40W automatic heaters


Operating Temperature:

-35°C to +60°C



Dry nitrogen with pressure relief valve (2-5 pounds nominal)



Connector Type:



Input Voltage:

85-265V AC, 47-440Hz


Camera/Lens Control:

RS-232/422 serial


Video Output:

75ohm coax

Camera (typical)



½" interline transfer CCD, low light level,
extended near-IR sensitivity, RS-170 or CCIR



RS-170 at 768 (H) x 494 (V)
CCIR at 752 (H) x 582 (V)



0.0012 lux at full video, max gain, AGC off
0.0010 lux at 80% video, max gain, AGC off



Gen lock


Camera Options:

Color, Camera Link, HD-SDI, Shuttered, EMCCD




60X continuously variable zoom
12.5mm to 750mm (28° to 0.5°)
25mm to 15mm with X2 extender (14° to 0.25°)


Focus Range:

5 meters to infinity


Free Aperture:

95 millimeters





Boresight Retention:

Less than 0.5 milliradian drift through zoom range

Field of View (with ½" CCD)




Wide FOV

Narrow FOV




a) Horizontal

28 °

0.5 °




b) Vertical

21 °

0.4 °




c) Diagonal

35 °

0.6 °




a) Horizontal

14 °

0.25 °




b) Vertical

10 °

0.2 °




c) Diagonal

18 °

0.3 °


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Environmental enclosures are designed to protect your imaging investment and assure the long-term reliability of your camera/lens assembly. The camera and its lens is assembled and tested at the E-O Imaging factory, then fitted into an enclosure. The enclosure is then sealed and pressurized with dry nitrogen to keep out moisture, pollution, chemicals, salt and grime.

Enclosures will also retard image degradation. Unsealed housings allow small amounts of carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, sulfuric acid and other oxidizers to accumulate on the camera and lens. The most noticeable effect of these chemicals, prior to camera failure, is the optical aberrations caused as the lens coating deteriorates. The internal construction is specifically designed to minimize hot spots, eliminate the need for mechanical cooling devices, and insure a clean, moisture-free environment. E-O Imaging's environmental enclosures incorporate automatic inductive heaters to assure reliable camera operation in extremely cold environments.

Another benefit of the factory sealed and pressurized housing is the assurance of a properly installed and aligned lens on the camera. The factory lens installation provides correct termination of lens wiring, including zoom and focus follower pots. All dust and debris is cleared from the optical path, which is essential for a blemish-free image. The lens is mounted, tested, and tracked. The camera and housing are shipped in one unit to the customer, ready to install.

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