Electro-Optical Imaging, Inc. is a recognized leader in the design, development and manufacture of high performance video trackers and tracking systems, with a legacy of over thirty five years of providing leading edge quality products and systems. From board level automatic video tracker products to fully integrated turnkey systems, quality products and customer support are our highest priorities. The company offers a diverse line of off-the-shelf Video Tracker products easily adapted to the most complex and demanding test range, tactical and surveillance applications.

Trackers are available for VMEbus, PCI, PCI Express, Compact PCI and custom platforms and interface with a wide variety of analog and digital sensors. Video formats include RS-170, NTSC, RS-343, PAL, CCIR and the latest digital sensor technology including CameraLink (basic, medium, full), HD-SDI (720p, 720i, 1080i) and non-standard sensor formats.

E-O Imaging's trackers incorporate an flexible architecture, enabling customer specialized algorithms and functions to be easily incorporated into the Tracker's FPGA and DSP architecture, where they are performed in real-time without any additional external hardware.

In addition to its board level products, E-O Imaging offers fully integrated turnkey systems to meet the diverse requirements encountered in weapons system evaluation, surveillance and related applications. In support of these system level products, the company has on staff senior engineers disciplined in:

· Time, Space and Position Information (TSPI) Systems

Optical/Video and radar-based computer control/processing systems for orbital, ballistic re-entry and in-air targets TSPI derivation.

· Command, Control and Communications

Communications system for TSPI and range information dissemination, graphic processing and display systems for command and control.

· Data Acquisition and Mensuration Systems

Systems for collection of parametric and discrete real-time data. A wide array of requirements in terms of capacity, performance, capabilities, accuracy, pre/post calibration and processing/reduction requirements.

In addressing the unique requirements of each customer, E-O Imaging uses a systems solution approach for implementation.

· Communicate with the customer and understand their requirements
· Work in partnership with the customer to the requirement - Technical, Cost, and Schedule
· Be Flexible: Develop and recommend potential solutions through an iterative process of communication with the customer
· Customize the solution for the cstomer based on their requirements
· Develop the whole solution: including management and support roles
· Provide responsive support to the customer

Video Trackers - In a majority of system level applications, E-O Imaging's video tracker product forms the core element of the system. In addition to performing basic tracking functions, the trackers can operate as the system controller implementing functions such as: camera/lens control, mount control, data logging and system diagnostics.

The 6000 Series family of video trackers is currently comprised of the following products.

· Model 6005/6006 VMEbus Edge/Centroid/Correlation Tracker
· Model 6007/6008 PCI Edge/Centroid/Correlation Tracker
· Model 6010/6011 cPCI Edge/Centroid/Correlation Tracker

The 7000 Series family of video trackers is currently comprised of the following products.

· Model 7005/7006-CL VMEbus Advanced Video Tracker
· Model 7005/7006-HD VMEbus Advanced Video Tracker
· Model 7007/7008 PCI Advanced Video Tracker
· Model 7010/7011 PCI Express Advanced Video Tracker

The 7000 Series family of video trackers brings a new level of capability and performance to E-O Imaging's video tracker product line. In addition to the basic functionality of the 6000 Series family of products, the 7000 Series family incorporates features such as: CameraLink full and HD-SDI video inputs, 5x5 imaging processing kernel, multi-target tracking, integrated gigabit Ethernet, background clutter rejection and the ability to handle 2048x2048 sensor formats to highlight a few.

E-O Imaging's tracker products can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of custom applications. Contact us to discuss how we can provide an innovative solution for your tracking requirements.


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